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Attorney Douglas Clark uses his extensive negotiation experience and knowledge of Pennsylvania laws in negotiating Pipeline Easements with poweful addendum to insure the property owner maximizes the per foot, per rod, or per disturbed acre price of a proposed pipeline while strengthening the Pipeline Easement terms in favor of the property owner.

The experienced pipeline lawyer will negotiate addendum and exhibits to limit the company's current and future activities on the landowner's property. Attorney Clark will fight to strengthen the terms of the Pipeline Agreement in the landowner's favor.

Man and woman sitting by a small river running through their property.We recognize the importance of landowner's cherished property and handle Pipeline Easement negotiations with extreme care and are fully committed to protecting the property owner and future generations in the peaceful enjoyment of their land.

Do not repeat the unfortunate mistakes uninformed landowners made when signing non-negotiated oil and gas leases without necessary addendum. 

These potentially permanent Pipeline Easements are far too important to review and execute without the assistance of a qualified pipeline attorney.

We negotiate Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements and Pipeline Easements with strong addendum for the protection of Pennsylvania landowners.


We signed a Pipeline ROW because...
We signed a Pipeline ROW because...
We were told it would help get us royalties (9 votes)
We agreed with the location and compensation (2 votes)
It was included when we signed our gas lease (3 votes)

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