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The Clark Law Firm has been approached by many, many clients presented with offers for Temporary Above Ground Natural Gas Lines.  These above ground gas lines are designed to be a temporary solution to make wells more effective and act as a temporary medium to move the gas until permanent under ground pipelines can be installed.

These above ground gas pipeline "form" contracts drafted by gas and pipeline company lawyers must be weighed heavily by the landowner and require careful consideration and detailed attention to potential liability issues.

These agreements must NEVER be entered into without first consulting an experience Oil and Gas Attorney for complete and thorough review - disaster and great loss will befall anyone who cavilierly enters into one of those agreements lightly and without full knowledge of potential pitfalls - both known AND unforeseen or glossed-over - and changes the terms to be friendly and protect you - the landowner's - most valuable asset - your lands and/or farm.

When approached for a temporary above ground gas line, put away your pens and contact The Clark Law Firm IMMEDIATELY! Attorney Clark understands your rights to refuse and how to effectively negotiate to maximize compensation while protection you and your land from liability and harm.



What is your primary reason for saying "no" to a Pipeline ROW?
The construction of pipelines is necessary in the development of Marcellus Shale, however many landowners understandably remain very hesitant to sign a Pipeline ROW or have completely said "no".
What is your primary reason for saying "no" to a Pipeline ROW?
Compensation - too low (18 votes)
Depletion of property value (12 votes)
ROW Agreement terms too heavily sided for company (7 votes)
Frustrated with price paid for gas lease and do not want to sign now and see the ROW price increase in the future (11 votes)

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