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Pipeline Agreement Terms

There are numerous terms to consider when negotiating a Pipeline Easement that may permanently run with your property.  The following is only a small sample of pipeline addendum terms that we have negotiated and are currently working on for our clients.

Maximize the Price Per Linear Foot or Rod or Disturbed Acre

The Pipeline Easement Agreement will compensate the landowner for the length of the easement across the property.  As lawyers experienced in pipeline negotiations we will maximize the price per linear foot, or Rod, compensation for disturbed acre while also strengthening the Pipeline Easement Agreement by way of invaluable landowner friendly addendum.

Pipeline Location Approval

Mutual consent of pipeline placement and easement location must be negotiated in addendum and exhibits to eliminate costly confusion and uncertainty.  We negotiate addendum seeking to establish the precise location of the Pipeline Easement and incorporate the pipeline easement’s location within the Pipeline Right-of-Way Option Agreement.  There is no room for surprise when agreeing to a pipeline easement covering your valuable property for potentially generations.

Number of Pipelines

Whether temporary or permanent, the number of pipelines permitted within the pipeline easement is a critical factor for the landowner.  We negotiate addendum to reduce the nature and number of pipelines permitted by the easement.

Clean and Green. Official tree of PA. The Hemlock.Clean and Green, CRP

Landowners must avoid unforeseen tax consequences through the pipeline easement negotiation process.  Property owners should not foot the tax bill for the activities of the pipeline installation company.  Our well structured easement addendum protect the property owner from costly roll back taxes.

Surface Structures and Facilities

Landowners must be aware that the pipeline easement may permit the installation of above ground structures and/or facilities.  We negotiate addendum to eliminate surface facilities on the property unless additional compensation is involved.

Contact Us today to learn of many other provisions that we may be able to add to your Pipeline Agreement.


We signed a Pipeline ROW because...
We signed a Pipeline ROW because...
We were told it would help get us royalties (9 votes)
We agreed with the location and compensation (2 votes)
It was included when we signed our gas lease (3 votes)

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