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Large field of wheat grass with a farmhouse in the distance Attorney Douglas Clark uses his pipeline experience and negotiates from a Property Owner’s Perspective.

Doug has the invaluable and unique experience of negotiating Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements and Easements with detailed addendum from the Perspective of a landowner.

Attorney Douglas Clark lives in Peckville, Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons, ages 15 and 12.  Doug originally became involved in the Marcellus Shale development by negotiating oil and gas leases several years ago for his family and friends.  Doug's family owns over 400 acres located in Wayne County Pennsylvania and an additional 60 acres in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.  Doug has already proudly represented and protected hundreds of landowners throughout the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania.

Doug and his family cherish their Wayne County property that has passed down through his wife's family.  The Wayne County property is home to the family’s prized “Cabin” where the Clarks retreat for summer and winter getaways and serves as the base for hunting and fishing trips.

View of large acreage farm in the Marcellus shale region of northeastern Pennsylvania

Doug also grew up and lived beside his grandparent's family farm in Armstrong County, in western Pennsylvania (picture above). The Clark family farm has now been passed down for generations and now under the care of Doug's father who is a retired steelworker and an active farmer on the family's property.

Doug truly recognizes firsthand the importance of a family’s cherished property and carefully considers any special concerns landowner’s may have during Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement negotiations.

We always place ourselves in the shoes of the landowner and never lose focus of our goal to maximize pipeline easement financial benefits while preserving the sanctity of your land.              

We protect Pennsylvania landowners.


What is your primary reason for saying "no" to a Pipeline ROW?
The construction of pipelines is necessary in the development of Marcellus Shale, however many landowners understandably remain very hesitant to sign a Pipeline ROW or have completely said "no".
What is your primary reason for saying "no" to a Pipeline ROW?
Compensation - too low (18 votes)
Depletion of property value (12 votes)
ROW Agreement terms too heavily sided for company (7 votes)
Frustrated with price paid for gas lease and do not want to sign now and see the ROW price increase in the future (11 votes)

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