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Freshly laid pipe for a new natural gas pipeline in Pennsylvania's Marcellus shale - Pipe laying in a deep trench, cutting through farmland out into the distance - Photo credit to The Clark Law Firm.



Energy companies feverishly drilling Marcellus Shale gas wells across Pennsylvania now face the pressing challenge of moving the natural gas from producing wells to areas of consumption throughout the country.  Pipeline installation companies are contacting landowners and working on constructing a network of gathering pipelines from well sites to feed into the Tennessee Pipeline and other major transportation pipelines and ultimately to the final consumer.

Landmen on behalf of pipeline installation companies are now knocking on landowner's doors with company drafted Pipeline Right of Way Agreements in hand seeking to secure permanent Pipeline Right-of-Ways and Easements across their property.  

These gas company attorneys drafted Pipeline Agreements fail to  contain the necessary addendum and protect the landowner from potentially unwanted or unforeseen incursions on their land.

If you are approached by a company seeking to negotiate a Pipeline Easement by way of a Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement across any portion of your property, you should immediately seek a qualified attorney to assist you in negotiating a favorable addendum and landowner friendly Pipeline Agreement.

Do not make mistakes similar to those landowners who signed unfair oil and gas leases.  Obtain a knowledgeable pipeline attorney to aggressively negotiate addendum on your behalf and protect your property for future generations.

We actively negotiate addendum for pipeline location, pipeline depth, types of substances that can be transported through the pipelines, number of pipelines, restrictions on future pipelines, current and future surface use restrictions, maintenance of the right-of-way, restoration of the surface, liability and environmental activities, and many other important issues for the landowner.

We fight for maximum financial compensation while negotiating to add critical terms and landowner protections in the form of detailed addendum and exhibits to the Pipeline Agreement.

Entering into a Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement is far reaching and must not be made unless the property owner fully understands the Pipeline Easement Agreement and has explored all possible options available to strengthen the Agreement in their favor.

Contact us today, we are working hard to protect Pennsylvania landowners across the state.

Segments of pipeline in the Pennsylvania Marcellus shale - The Clark Law Firm Pipeline Tour October 2011.


What is your primary reason for saying "no" to a Pipeline ROW?
The construction of pipelines is necessary in the development of Marcellus Shale, however many landowners understandably remain very hesitant to sign a Pipeline ROW or have completely said "no".
What is your primary reason for saying "no" to a Pipeline ROW?
Compensation - too low (18 votes)
Depletion of property value (12 votes)
ROW Agreement terms too heavily sided for company (7 votes)
Frustrated with price paid for gas lease and do not want to sign now and see the ROW price increase in the future (11 votes)

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